Thursday, May 3, 2012

May day leaflet on the international website

The following is the text of a CWI May Day leaflet that was distributed on this year’s Beirut May Day demonstration. The event took place just days before a call by the leadership of the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers (GCLU) for general strike action on 3 May. This indicates the developing class anger of working people against the ever rising cost of living and also the potential to build cross confessional working class unity. But just hours before the general strike, the scale of the industrial action remains unclear. This is due to the highly skeptical attitude of many workers towards the GCLU leaders, who are widely regarded as corrupt and always ready to compromise workers’ needs and demands. Just a day before the proposed general strike, the GCLW said that the strike may be cancelled if the price of fuel is "reduced". The more independent unions have expressed solidarity with the strike call but have insisted on going ahead with their own strikes as they have other and more demands.
A report of the strike action on 3 May will follow.

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